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The world we live in is hectic and the pace of life can be crazy..... Our minds too, are busy and it can feel like there is always something to do and somewhere else to go. So how can we train our minds not only to cope in this environment, but to flourish? So our lives are noticed, enjoyed, treasured - lived fully and wholeheartedly? There are practical and scientifically proven techniques that train our brains to work better. Enormous possibilities exist for healing, relief and joy, wherever we are at, when we learn the skills of compassionate mindfulness. We can rewire our brains, transforming our daily lives from ones of struggle to ones of hope and resilience, opening up powerful ways of connecting more with ourselves and others - and flourishing.​  
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relief for busy minds.....and busy lives

Learn How to Meditate

This gentle program teaches simple sitting practices to: reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia; enhance well being, self awareness, self acceptance and self confidence; and sustain peace, emotional balance and clarity of mind   BOOK NOW ›

Six Weeks to a Happier You: The Art of Self Kindness

Re-establish self care and kindness, reducing stress and overwhelm.Learn how to relate healthily to your inner critic and feel lighter, more self-trusting and strong. Enormous possibilities for well being exist when we learn the skills of mindful self compassion – the art of being kind to ourselves. Gentle classes where you set your own pace, help you gradually transform your relationship to your thoughts, feelings, pain and relationships and integrate self compassion practices into your daily life. Join us. BOOK NOW ›

A Flourishing Organisation

Distracted employees are a huge challenge to performance. Creative thinking and developing rapport with others require more. Want employees to manage their demands more easily, freeing up their capabilities? Mindfulness training is the key.   FIND OUT MORE ›


see what everyone has been saying about a flourishing life....


Kellie, your wisdom in this field, along with the calmness of your voice and "being" was amazing....and very helpful! Your course has definitely impacted me.


The gentle, clear and compassionate training in finding how "to be" with myself and others was powerful. Thank you Kellie, it was a privilege to attend the course.


The course was truly invigorating. After each session I walked away with new knowledge. tools and a refreshed attitude.

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